What is it? : Change & Grow

Change & Grow ® 5 is a set of 5 principles that allow the person to to evolve.

By using an simple language, easy to understand and puting emphasis on positive thoughts, feelings and behaviors, Change & Grow ® is based on 5 fundamental and comprehensive Principles - Truth, Acceptance, Gratitude, Love and Responsibility.

It's a transversal concept, addressed to all those who seek their own personal development as a way to get a healthy balance between body, mind and spirit, in order to achieve a fulfilling and happy life.

Change & Grow ® is aimed for all of those who wish to:

  • Live in solution of their problems;
  • Practice a personal development model that promotes their inner growth;
  • Overcome themselves as individuals;
  • Overcome their emotional distress;
  • Break with the emotional and social isolation;
  • Overcome fears, guilts and resentments;
  • Rediscover their positions in the familiar, professional, loving and social contexts;
  • Strengthen their self esteem;
  • Develop their potential;
  • Develop their acceptance;
  • Develop their motivation and their ability to make decisions.