Principles : Change & Grow

By changing our negative behaviors, thoughts and feelings, and by adopting positive and responsible attitudes based on the principles of Truth, Acceptance, Gratitude, Love and Responsibility, we can reach more healthy and stable ways of being, feeling and thinking, which allow us to evolve as human beings .



The commitment to truth is a basic promise of the integrity of the human being, and requires truthfulness in words and transparency in attitudes. It is of utmost importance to have true love for the truth, for only through the truth is that consciousness has the ability to put in order goods and duties, admitting corrections without the existence of feelings of humiliation.


Acceptance is a key driver to achieve Happiness! It's through acceptance that we can learn to use to our advantage all that life offers to us, even if at the first sight it may seem that life only gives us problems and difficulties. The more we practice acceptance, in order to adapt to the different situations we go stumbling on a daily basis, we will feel more prepared and free to walk through the path of change and growth that will lead us to meet ourselves.



True gratitude is not based on the perception that others have less or suffer more than us. True wealth is achieved when you can feel a great pleasure and happiness for the simple fact that you're alive. Gratitude fulfills us, and make us feel thankful for the sun, for the rain, for the heat, for the cold, for the day, for the night, for us, for the others, for health, for the capabilities to learn and grow... and for all those things that we only value when we are deprived of them.


Love is something we all seek, and that while we don't find within ourselves, we can not sense it through the others. It's the most powerful feeling and the only point of contact between all human beings. Life teaches us that love is, in essence, to get the ability to distance ourselves from self-centeredness and getting involved in a greater reality which is that one of all the others who surround us.



Being responsible is to assume the consequences of intentional acts, resulting from decisions made or accepted, as well as the unintentional acts, so that all involved are either benefited or, at least, not harmed. Being responsible is, therefore, the affirmation of our identity and integrity in the relationships we establish. It's seeing ourselves in our actions and understanding that are this actions that build and shape us as individuals not only before us, but also before others.